The Old Faithful Story

Great things come from hard times...

Hi, my name is Gareth. I formulate and hand-make your Old Faithful natural skincare and wellbeing products. Here is a little backstory on how I became a natural skincare formulator..

I developed an interest in oils whilst researching ways to sleep better while suffering from a prolapsed disc. I was house-bound for almost three months in terrible pain and was desperate to feel better. I would have tried anything and a friend of mine recommended burning essential oils. I experimented with the starter pack of essential oils I purchased online and noticed that the lavender and chamomile oils helped me to relax and I was sleeping better. I was burning the oils, bathing in them and massaging into my back and legs to help relieve the pain. I noticed a distinct difference in the way I was feeling, a little lighter and more uplifted. They were also helping with the pain and my mobility.

With lots of time on my hands I became absorbed in reading about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and their uses. I learned about shaving with oils, and due to the fact I was laid up in bed my bank balance wasn't supporting my expensive taste in shave products so I started playing around with the oils and making my own shave products.

I was shocked to see the results, I was experiencing a closer, smoother shave with the shave oil I created myself.  

Time to get an education... 

I went on to complete an aromatherapy diploma and continued to self-learn about oils and natural, therapeutic skincare ingredients. One of the things I learned is that there is a big difference between the quality of oils and other ingredients available..

Most of the industry uses highly refined ingredients which lose much of their therapeutic properties during these commercial processes. Chemicals and heat are used which strips the oils of their innate natural goodness. The beauty and skincare industry is also awash with cheap synthetic fillers such as silicones, found in most hair products.

And then there's the really bad stuff such as endocrine disrupting synthetic fragrance and formaldehyde hidden under different names on packaging. Talc and parabens that have been linked to cancer.

I was soon making all my own skincare products and formulating for friends and family who were urging me to take this further... Old Faithful was born!

Only the best natural ingredients...

I'm committed to using only the highest quality cold pressed, unrefined, natural ingredients and essential oils from excellent growers and suppliers. Our ingredients are chosen and formulated to achieve the goal the product was created for. 

I hope you enjoy your Old Faithful products as much as I enjoy creating them. Love & respect yourself and each other people!


Old Faithful - A reminder that all is well



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