"Gareth made some potions for my summer holiday in Spain. The after-sun oil and cooling spritz felt lush and visibly nourished my skin! The best thing though was the 'raspberry seed' facial serum..my face did not go red at all like it usually does and it really helped my tan"

Sally Allan

“I have been suffering from dry skin and eczema on the back of my head for years and no matter what I tried nothing would really get rid of the dry patches. Then my wife met Gareth and ordered some bespoke balm for me along with her facial serums and wot-not. My eczema felt and looked better within days and soon disappeared. I don’t need to apply much at all and it lasts for ages.”

Paul Bowen

“My skin loves these products! Weird not using a moisturiser but my skin feels better and is much less oily and they smell amazing. I keep getting compliments about my skin since using Gareth’s bespoke products. Its great!”

Sarah Robinson