All ingredients in Old Faithful products are natural and consist of organic, cold pressed oils, herbal extracts and high quality essential oils. We source the finest ingredients and create small batches of natural unrefined goodness. 

  Benefits of our natural, unrefined ingredients...

  • Cold Pressed - our oils are cold pressed under an average temperature of 40ºC. This ensures the oil is extracted without excessive heat in order to retain the highest level of naturally occurring fatty acids. This means less oil is extracted than with other methods but the oil produced is of top quality.

  • No Chemical Treatment - the refining process undertaken in oil production involves the use of chemicals and heat to deodorise, bleach and stabilise the oils for extended life and a standardised product for industry. The refining process removes many natural elements such as fatty acids, waxes, scent and colour. Old Faithful oils do not suffer from any chemical treatment!

  • Highest Therapeutic Value - the healing fraction or unsaponifiable portion of oils & butters (up to 17%) contains highly beneficial properties that are often removed during the refinement process. Unrefined oil retains these vitamins, minerals, waxes, polyphenols, antioxidants and other botanical elements that give oils their individuality and innate plant goodness.

We are passionate about the quality of our ingredients as they are essential to the quality of our products and the health of your skin and wellbeing!


Old Faithful - A reminder that all is well


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