Old Faithful – Natural, Organic Skincare

Old Faithful

An independent, boutique natural skincare brand, using only the best ingredients and artisan processes.

The name 'Old Faithful’ is a nod towards the age-old history and effectiveness of the natural ingredients we use in our products.

The ingredients from plants and trees have seen the passage of time and they are still as relevant today as they have been for centuries.

They are an 'Old Faithful’

Tried, tested, trustworthy 

Customer reviews of Old Faithful

Old Faithful hydrates my beard, my skin and the follicles it grows out of. It smells better than most aftershaves I’ve ever splashed around my face, and the best thing is that it’s all natural gear. 

— James Davies
I enjoy the morning and evening ritual of using the oil, and the smell is incredible. I've noticed that my beard has a lot more body to it, and my skin is irritation free. My wife might let me keep the beard a little longer! 

— S.Goudie
Other shaving oils I've used are more greasy. Old Faithful is brilliant and helps get a close and very smooth shave without drying out my skin. 

— Jenkins
I'm never usually one for having a close shave but since using Old Faithful i've been so astounded with the affects on my skin that it's become a regular thing. 

— Lyn Williams
Old Faithful is the best quality beard oil I’ve used. 

— Richard Pill