Old Faithful Beard Grooming Kit

  • Old Faithful Original Beard Oil

    All natural, organic beard & shave set from Old Faithful ensures a well groomed beard every time.

    Original Beard Oil

    Our Original Beard Oil & Mańana Shave Oil make the perfect beard grooming partnership. Our all natural shave oil allows you to see where you are shaving making it perfect to trim around the beard for that well groomed look.

    Old Faithful Original Beard Oil - Professionally blended from the finest organic, unrefined oils for maximum beard nutrition and quick absorption.

    Essential oils of Cedarwood, Neroli, Rosemary & Bergamot create a classic, warm & woody scent helping to condition your beard and skin.

    Mańana (Avocado & Argan) Shave Oil

    An all natural, organic shave from Old Faithful ensures a smooth & nourished face every time..

    Our Mańana Shave Oil & Hammam Moisturising Serum make the perfect shaving partnership. Often used by men with sensitive skin who suffer from shaving rash.

    Oils of Avocado & Argan in The Mańana Shave Oil ensure a smooth glide. Cedarwood & Chamomile cools & calms the skin while Coriander seed and Eucalyptus provide antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Has a fresh, zesty and woody scent.

    A luxury beard & shave combo created with high quality organic ingredients. This will be seen and felt by you and those around you.

    Hand Made in Small Batches from High Quality Organic Ingredients

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