How To Oil Cleanse

How To Oil Cleanse


Further to my post “Why Use Oils To Wash Your Face” I thought I would write a short article outlining a few different ways you can use an Oil Cleanser..

I will start with my favourite way of oil cleansing, I call it the 'Steam Clean'. I think this one works best at deep cleaning the face, lifting dirt, debris and excess oil.

Steam Clean

You will need a thick, large cotton flannel for this, not a muslin or bamboo cloth. We need the bulk of the cloth to hold the heat in to create the steam clean. 

  • Massage 2-3 pumps of Reunion Cleanser onto dry face with gentle upward & outwardly circular movements - this will lift dirt, dead skin cells & makeup. 
  • Take your time and enjoy this little luxurious massage, focus on any problem areas of dry skin, black heads or enlarged pores.
  • Leave to soak in for about a minute while you run a basin of hot water. The hotter the better but don’t go scalding yourself!
  • Immerse cotton flannel into hot water. Gently wring flannel and place over face until it cools. The steam will suck out the oil, dirt and debris. 
  • I like to repeat this steaming process 3 times to make sure all oil is steamed out. 
  • Gently wipe off any excess oil with the cloth and pat dry. 
  • I recommend cleansing like this each evening before bed. A splash of warm water in the morning will be ample.


The Quick Clean 

If you are rushing in the morning and were too lazy to wash your face the night before, this is the one for you..

  • Apply as above to a dry or warm damp face
  • Leave oil to soak in for as long as you can 
  • Then just wipe off with a hot wet flannel or jump in the shower and let water rinse it away.

You can also use an oil cleanser on wet skin and use hands and running water to rinse. You may feel the oil and water form a light emulsion on your face when done this way. However, it will be more difficult to properly remove the oil from your face, so I wouldn't use this method often. Some oil cleansers are actually formulated with glycerin or an emulsifier so they can be used this way. The emulsifier helps the oil rinse off more easily making the process a little quicker and simpler. These are usually called an ‘Oil to Milk’ cleanser. 

So there you have it, these are my tips on how to Oil Cleanse. But I always encourage people to experiment with their skincare products, don’t be afraid to use them the way you feel works best for you.


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