New Look, Same Ethics, Even More Planet Friendly

June 11, 2021 0 Comments

New Look, Same Ethics, Even More Planet Friendly


We really hope you are liking the new look Old Faithful! The rebranding was carried out to better represent our values, ethics and offering..

We make natural skincare and wellbeing products using responsibly farmed or wild harvested ingredients that work in harmony with and bring balance to your skin and system as a whole. 

In Harmony With Nature

Working in harmony with nature, both our external natural environment and ourselves is the basis on which we operate. We believe that humans are as much a product of nature as the plants we gain our ingredients from. As the scholar and philosopher 'Alan Watts' said.. "We are born out of nature like a flower from a plant or a leaf from a tree". So this harmony is crucial in maintaining the balance of all things.

No More Plastic Labels

Packaging skincare products is a tricky game, it's difficult to find the right balance of quality, cost, volume and sustainability. But we really wanted to display our commitment to our values through our packaging even though it is significantly more expensive and more difficult to achieve as a small business. We now have corrugated cardboard outer packaging for all our bottled products (this will protect them from the external environment on retail displays and better preserve the quality of the products) and Biodegradable labels 🙌

Bagasse & Hemp Biodegradable Labels

Skincare labels need to be waterproof and resistant to liquids such as oils, especially natural skincare products which are mainly made from plant oils such as Jojoba and Argan. Most skincare/cosmetic labels are made from polypropylene or vinyl. There are very few labels on the market that are not made from plastic, are waterproof and look good. We decided to go for the Bagasse and hemp labels from The Green Label Company. Bagasse is a dry pulpy fibrous material that is a waste product from crushing sugarcane and is used as a biofuel to produce energy.

Old Faithful Skincare

These biodegradable labels are on all our skincare and Ceremonial Cacao products. The outer cardboard box labels on the skincare and the herb labels do not need a varnish so are fully biodegradable and will compost within six months if you were to bury them in your garden. Our bottle and jar labels which need to be fully waterproof require an application of a light varnish to protect the labels. The varnish used on these labels is just microns thick (a micron is millionth of a metre) and is the only material on our labels that will not biodegrade. From our research this seems like the best option out there for us at this time.

We just wanted to explain the situation with our labels and our ongoing efforts to live by our beliefs (and yours!) to become as planet friendly as possible.

We would love to hear your thoughts on new branding, labels and our business in general. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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