What Makes Old Faithful So Unique?

What Makes Old Faithful So Unique?

The name 'Old Faithful’ is a nod towards the age-old history and effectiveness of the natural ingredients we use in our skincare products. These ingredients from plants and trees have seen the passage of time, and they are still as relevant today as they have been for centuries. They are an 'old faithful’. Tried, tested, trustworthy.

All our products are made using exceptionally high-quality ingredients. We are a small batch maker of natural, organic skincare. We source our ingredients where we find the best quality and this is often from smaller, quality driven suppliers.


Old Faithful Skincare Philosophy

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and part of a holistic, biological system which works together to keep us in-tact and healthy. Generally our bodies can maintain their own health and mend themselves but sometimes we require some help.

Much of modern day skincare comprises of synthetic ingredients that work against & counteract the natural processes of our skin, hair & nail system.

Old Faithful believe that working with natural products, which are easily recognised and accepted by the body, is the best way to work in harmony with our skin and our system as a whole.


Old Faithful - A reminder that all is well



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Shinrin-yoku Japanese Forest Bathing
Shinrin-yoku - Japanese Forest Bathing


Spending time in the forest seems to significantly mitigate the root cause of a multitude of ailments - Stress. Excess stress is associated with greater risk of depression, heart disease, infectious diseases, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, and arthritis, among many other ailments. An estimated 75% to 90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues.
Cedarwood Atlas
Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil


The essential oil has a beautiful woody sweet aroma which is grounding & calming and a little uplifting making it good for relaxation blends and dealing with stress. We find it mixes well with a number of other scents but especially good with other  woods, florals, earthy tones and some citruses.
Palm Oil
Palm Oil - Good or Bad?


Palm oil is the most efficient oil bearing crop in the World. The plant produces about 35% of global vegetable oils on less than 10% of the total land under oil crops..