What makes Old Faithful so unique?

What makes Old Faithful so unique?

Recently, someone was telling me that they knew a guy who had a week off work. During that week, he told her, his plan was to mix up a batch of beard oil and sell it on eBay – starting his own beard oil business.

We admire chutzpah! But it’s really not that straight forward.

If you google Beard Oil, you’ll get over 21 million results at the moment.

Something seems weird about that. Sure, natural goodness is all good for you, but isn’t there a science to it? Can you really just knock up a batch of oil in your kitchen?

Great product takes knowledge

I started Old Faithful off the back of this kind of kitchen experimentation. I was frustrated that I couldn’t pronounce the names of chemicals on the back of our shaving foams and also a little concerned about what they would do to skin when applied.

So I looked into oil and its benefits and came up with an initial batch that I tested amongst friends and family.

Not everyone was fully into the idea initially – after all, when I started doing this, beard oil was incredibly niche. Shave oil too.

But after several years of testing this formula and then almost a year of development of the Old Faithful brand, I'm happy to say that I think I've found the best possible beard and shave oil mixture around.

Why is it the best?

A lot of people ask me about what’s actually in the oil. Had I not spent so much time thinking about the formula and researching the benefits of the oils in every bottle of Old Faithful (I've tried out dozens of suppliers of each oil before settling), I would probably shy away from that question.

The raw ingredients, the formula and the attention to detail is what makes an Old Faithful product unique!

It all starts with the best quality ingredients. The oils I use for Old Faithful products are different to what you will find from most other suppliers. The industry standard is to use cosmetic grade oils.

A cosmetic grade oil is refined using chemicals and heat. From the get go, I decided that the chemicals were a no go for the brand and I pretty soon discovered that heating an oil pretty much destroys any kind of natural quality that is great for the skin or beard.

Sorry, what?

OK. Not into the science? Think of it like this:

Soup is good, right? Well no one makes a stew and then removes the potato, the leek, the carrot and just drinks the broth. That would be weird.

My process is like that. I don’t believe that you need to take out the colour and the scent of the oil that goes into Old Faithful and so I don’t need to refine it. That means we get all the nutrients that those leek-removing pharmaceutical companies steal from your soup.

The goodness is in nature. Not in chemicals. 

So what does Old Faithful do differently?

Well, let’s start out with using unrefined oils: there are no chemicals, no one has tried to take the colour or scent away from the natural ingredients. All of Mother Nature’s good stuff is still in the bottle.

Then, we make sure we’re using oils that are cold pressed to the highest standards possible. Again, there’s really no need to take out the goodness.

Wherever possible our ingredients come from certified organic growers. Natural products are taking care of us and so we’re taking care of them too.

And look. It’s not like all this comes cheap or easy. Using these methods makes for a much better product and also a much more difficult business.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way now would we.

Shave good!

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